Every homeowner will eventually face the task of replacing or repairing a malfunctioning home appliance. Due primarily to a sputtering economy, the percentage of people deciding to repair rather than replace is at an all-time high.

The question then arises as to how to hire the proper company to make the repair. The usual methods known to all are as follows. First, homeowners normally consult with friends and family about firms they have dealt with. If that source has had an identical malfunction with reasonable success and at a fair price, the homeowner is likely to use the same business.

A second method is to consult the internet. There are paid ads, of course, but other Google search engine results might prove to be of value also. Only four percent of people even look at the second page when surfing the internet. That is unfortunate, because they might be able to locate the perfect appliance repair business by merely making the extra effort.

Once a potential firm is selected, it would be a good idea to ask for references or testimonials. A well established and reputable company has those on hand. The homeowner should also ask how long the business has been in operation. AAA Appliance Service Center, for example, has been in operation for 64 years. Inquiries should also be made concerning access to parts. Many repairmen have to make special orders which take days where larger firms might have a department stocked with thousands of commonly replaced parts in its inventory.

There are more appliance manufacturers than ever and the engineering is more complicated due to technological advances. The mechanic with 1980 skill level isn’t qualified to repair today’s intricate kitchen appliances, for example. When questioning a prospective business the homeowner should ask about its access to technical manuals, diagrams, software that can provide electrical schematics or parts numbers. This small aspect alone could make the difference in how long a repair takes and how much it costs.

After a homeowner is satisfied that the potential repair company has the proper amount of experience, access to parts and technical information, he should inquire about the pricing policy of the business. For example, is there a flat fee? Are there hidden charges such as mileage costs, or extra charges for making a second trip? Does the business offer coupons or discounts for senior citizens or members of organizations? The answers to these questions could result in significant savings.

While this article cannot provide all the answers regarding home appliance repair, taking the extra time to investigate the subject on the internet is something most intelligent homeowners would do. A good starting point would be to visit: